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C# – CodeForces – An abandoned sentiment from past

CodeFoces.com is the place where I go when I do not know what to blog about. đŸ™‚ Anyhow, as a developer who is with some experience there, I always expect that the first problems of Division 2 would be quite

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VBA – Knight’s tour algorithm with Excel

Wikipedia says the following for the Knight’s tour : A knight’s tour is a sequence of moves of a knight on a chessboard such that the knight visits every square only once. If the knight ends on a square that is

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Code Forces – New Year and North Pole – A problem much easier than initially thought

In the new 2017 I have decided to take a new look at CodeForces and what do they bring us. After all, this is one of the very few “places” in the world, where you can compete with the world

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C# – Algorithms – Grasshopper And the String – CodeForces.com

Its Friday, the week is finally over and as far as I was planning to write an article per week or so, I have decided to write something. In these cases, when I do not have something prepared, I simply

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Codeforces – Problem A – Checking the Calendar

Today I have not been very productive, after all it is Sunday and a person should relax. However, I have noticed the Intel Code Challenge in CodeForces, thus I have decided just to try the first problem. The problem seemed trivial,

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C# – Code Forces 367 – Problem 1, Division 2

Today, on this sunny Saturday I have decided to code a bit in order not to feel guilty in the evening, when I go out. Or something like this. đŸ™‚ I came across of probably the hardest problem, given in

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VBA – Bayan Bus Algorithms

Some one year ago there was something called Bayan 2015 Contest, published in codeforces.com. Thus, I have decided to solve one of the contest problems with VBA in Excel. And actually, as expected I have managed to do it! đŸ˜€

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Python – Encryption and Decryption of a message

This month I have finished with my Python course in HackBulgaria, thus I have decided to continue with a course, called Algorithms.  The course had a requirement of three tasks, which should be resolved in a reasonable time. The first one

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