Month: July 2016

Book Review – Databases for Small Business

So, its time to review the “Databases for Small Business” – a book from Anna Manning, nicely provided to me by for a review. Well, after reading it, I may say one thing – it is an interesting book,

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C# – Datagrid View – C# connect application to DB in Visual Studio

Today I was looking a bit over SQL Server and Visual Studio and I have somehow liked the nice cooperation between these two. Thus, I have come up with the idea to build a simple application, just to demonstrate how

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VBA – 5 questions to the VbaDiff developer Chris Spicer

A week ago I was willing to find a way to unlock easily *.xlsb files. Thus, I have found the software of VbaDiff and I have kindly asked Mr. Chris Spicer for a review copy. It turned out that VbaDiff

VbaDiff Review – VBA Software for source control with additional features

Some time ago I had to open a VBA file saved as *.xlsb. The password protection for this was a little more difficult than the one for *.xlsm, thus after some research I have found a tool called VbaDiff, which claimed

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Book Review – Learn PHP7

The last few weeks I was busy, enjoying the nice landscapes of Bavaria and reading Learn PHP 7. The first one was more interesting than the second one definitely, but still reading the book was nice in its own way.

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C# – How to build own libraries in C#

Ever building a code, which you would like to have in every program you make? Most probably. So, if you are coding in C#, this is the way to do it – through libraries. So, these are the steps: In

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C# – CodeForces 360 – Two Simple Tasks

This Wednesday I have not participated in the CodeForces competition – I was either too tired on Wednesday or I had something better to do. 🙂 Anyhow, I have just taken a quick look at the first two problems of

C# – How Delegates Work

Coding in C# is always fun, when you come from the VBA Excel world. There is much cool stuff, which you see and then you start wondering – why is this not implemented in VBA and why should I write

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