Month: January 2017

C# – LINQ – Remove duplicates from a list and ignore values from another list

My idea for the blog was to post some articles every now and then. But at least, I am trying to keep up to a schedule of minimum 1 article per week, to keep it alive. Thus, I have decided

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C# – Loop through Excel files and get data from them

C# and .Net were actually thought as the technology that was going to exchange VBA and make it useless. Well, it did not happen because of many reasons, mainly because plenty of companies still use macros and noone has the

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C# – LINQ – Example for LINQ initialization

Lately I am interested in C# again and thus I have taken a deeper look at LINQ (Language Integrated Query). My previous article, concerning it was here. I thought it was interesting, that the value in LINQ is calculated after

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Book Review – SQL Server Query Performance Tuning

In August 2016 I have decided to review a few SQL books – thus, has provided me with 5 high quality books, upon my request. Now, about 5 months later I am writing the review of the last one,

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C# – Loop through enum names in .Net

Ok, C# and .Net have features that people from the VBA world can only … dream about. In a way. I was recently taking a look at the Type.GetEnumNames()  function in .Net and I simply thought that it would be

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C# – Some simple example for threads

The idea here is to show a little bit about parallel programming and the way I understand it – as far as I am mainly a VBA developer, I do not understand it, because Microsoft did not think that it

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Book Review – Expert Scripting and Automation for SQL Server DBAs

After October 2016 I have become a MCP in SQL Server (exam 70-461). In order to obtain the certification, I have decided to start reading mainly SQL Server books. Thus, I have kindly requested some from Apress.Com for a review and they

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Code Forces – New Year and North Pole – A problem much easier than initially thought

In the new 2017 I have decided to take a new look at CodeForces and what do they bring us. After all, this is one of the very few “places” in the world, where you can compete with the world

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