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Python – Django Girls – Introduction to Django – Video

Months ago, I was planning to take part in the #RailGirls event in Sofia, and I was even a partner in the event. Anyway, as it was postponed up to somewhere in the future, I have decided to go through

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VBA – Using Parameters in a VBA SQL Query To a Database

In this article I will simply use the code from my first guest author Mathieu, to build up some small working solution, that uses parameters: So, the two classes, provided by Mathieu are here as well  GitHub, named AdoValueConventer.cls and SqlCommand.cls.

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How to pass Microsoft exam 462

This month I have passed Exam 70-462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server. Thus, officially I am a MCSA in SQL Server 2012/2014. Concerning the exam – it is tough! In order to pass it I have studied for about 6 months. The

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Book Review – Expert Scripting and Automation for SQL Server DBAs

After October 2016 I have become a MCP in SQL Server (exam 70-461). In order to obtain the certification, I have decided to start reading mainly SQL Server books. Thus, I have kindly requested some from Apress.Com for a review and they

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SQL – Make XML from a SQL database

Some time ago I have decided to go a little deeper into SQL. And by some time ago I probably mean some years. Anyhow, in this article I will present the ways I know to make XML out of SQL

SQL Server – Triggers creation

Creating triggers in SQL Server with T-SQL is both easy to be done and efficient 🙂 Thus, sometimes DB developers tend to write more triggers than needed and the efficiency sinks a bit. In this article I will simply write

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Book Review – Relational Database Programming

Today I have finished the reading of Relational Database Programming, brought to me kindly by Thus the review is now here: The author is a SQL developer. He was “laughed” for being a not a “real developer” from some developers,

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MySQL for MS Excel

Yes, it exists! Today, I somehow managed to install it from here. This is how it looks like: Just a small icon in the Excel data tab. Once you click, you are asked to make the connection with the DB. Due

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PHP MySql – Getting data from a database into a HTML Table

Some time ago, about 10 days to be more precise, I have decided to take a better look at PHP and to try to understand why so many people hate it actually. After all, as a VBA developer (or if

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SQL Server – Solution of the first part of the SoftUni Exam for SQL Server

Just a day ago I have participated at an exam, organized from SoftUni for SQL server. The exam can be found here and the questions for it are here. In the current article I will present my answers from the first part

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SQL Server – Create two tables with primary and foreign key with SQL code

There is a simple way in VBA and in Python to create tables in the database you need, giving the tables a name of a variable and the type of a variable. In SQL Server, we also have a way

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SQL Server – Get data below the avarage; Difference between Left and Right Join Explained

I have started to explain tricks with SQL Server in a series of articles about a week or two ago. Today I will use a database, mentioned in a previous article. Get data below average The task is to get top

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SQL Server – Conditional Query And Multiple Tables Join (Many to Many Query)

As I have already started some time ago with SQL Server, in this article I will present the way to write a if-else case in sql query. The database is available here, I have used a sample DB for one

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SQL Server – Simple Transaction in SQL Server

So, after starting with SQL Server custom views, SQL Server Triggers, SQL Server Procedures and Functions, now it is time to pay some attention to SQL Transaction as well. What are transactions? Microsoft says the following:  A transaction is a single

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SQL Server – Procedures and Functions in SQL

So, continuing from yesterday with the SQL Server subject, it is time to introduce some nice ways of writing functions and procedures in SQL. What is the idea, behind the functions and the procedures in SQL? Pretty much, I would

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