Month: November 2017

VBA – Join a Collection (Collection to Array)

Working with VBA is sometimes trivial  – you need to rewrite and reinvent the wheel every now and then 🙂 I mean, defining your own sorting method, your own test driven developement framework, etc. But, this is the funny &

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Book Review – Clean C++

Time has passed since my last review in VitoshAcademy and thus I have requested a new great book from for a review. Although I am not a C++ developer (and I have never been paid to develop on anything

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VBScript Simple Program – Problem in CodeForces

In order to learn a language, the best way is to practise it! Thus, I have decided to challange myself to solve a task on CodeForces with VBScript.  As far as VBScript is not one of the official CodeForces languages

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VBA Online Resources

VitoshAcademy VBA Boilerplate (Ex documentation from StackOverflow) Excel Microsoft MVPs  The blogs above are one of the top Excel/VBA blogs that I know. If you are interested in exchanging VBA links, please feel free to

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C# – CodeForces – Table Tennis

The Table Tennis problem in CodeForces was looking actually easier than the Borya’s Diagnosis. However, I have decided to publish it, because I have managed to “lie or cheat” the CodeForces system with it in a cool way. Currently, I