Book Review – JavaScript – Frameworks for Modern WebDev

Some time ago, probably before one and a half months I have received the book JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev from the publisher Apress.Com for a review, upon a request of my site.

JS Frameworks

The reason to ask for the book was that I am currently getting into VBA (for a fourth year in a row actually) and I consider myself really a master of this scripting language and thus I wanted to see what is going around in the other languages, which are not “locked” inside the MS Applications. Well, thus I started to slowly “regenerate” my JS knowledge, which was mainly obtained from some IT courses in Bulgaria. You may check my site, to obtain more ideas about it.

The reason for the previous paragraph is to show, that I am really not a JS expert, but I am quite familiar with it. Something like advanced beginner. Or I consider myself so.

Let’s get back to the book. It consists of 16 chapters and thus presents 16 different JS Frameworks. I already had some experience with Angular, Bower, Grunt, RequireJS, Lodash & Underscore, thus these were the chapters that I read with great interest. And I was quite satisfied.

First things first – the whole code is 100% available for free online at the site of Apress, which is really the way to write books for JS Frameworks. The second thing – the book is readable, explaining the main idea of each framework, how to install it and how does it work. It does not explain the basics of JavaScript, thus if you are a beginner, this is not your book, definitely! I liked the style of the book, where you get a summary at the end of each chapter and an introduction at the beginning, stating what is going to be learnt.

These are some of the examples from the book:

angular angular bower lodash lodash2

What I did not like? Somehow I found it difficult at some times to install the frameworks and to make them run… Probably a more step-by-step approach would have been better for me (but I am not a pro in JS, thus someone else may not need to be hold by the hand all the time).

Finally – the verdict is a little more than 5/7 (:reviews-four-stars-out-of-five

That’s all! 🙂 The book is worthy, if you are an experienced JavaScript developer! 🙂

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