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Migrate Vue project from Vue 2 to Vue 3

Bash Commands

Changes in src/main.js Additionally, change main.js  from this:

To this:

Changes in src/router/index.js After changes the code should be looking like this:

Changes in src/store/index.js This is how it should be looking:

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JavaScript – Map, Reduce, Filter. Functions in JavaScript

One of the New Years Resolutions, if I had one, would have been to learn JS this year. And as far as I am a VBA developer I automatically assume that I know the basics of it. But still, there

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jQuery – Make a simple background color picker

jQuery is probably the most popular JavaScript library. There is a reason for it – the community loves it, because it is quite understandable and useful. Today I have decided to come up with a solution of a homework from

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JavaScript – A function returning a function returning a function

Working with JS may be difficult for a beginner. Or for someone like me, who dares to think of himself as a … let’s call it not a beginner. 🙂 One of the strangest staff there, if you are coming from the

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jQuery Events – Trigger vs TriggerHandler

Let’s start from the very beginning in jQuery. Somewhere in the beginning there are events and buttons. So, I will start from there, explaining how to Trigger events and what is the difference between trigger and triggerHandler. Trigger triggers the event completely

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Book Review – JavaScript – Frameworks for Modern WebDev

Some time ago, probably before one and a half months I have received the book JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev from the publisher Apress.Com for a review, upon a request of my site. The reason to ask for the book

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JavaScript – Writing simple prototypes JS

JavaScript is really an interesting language – the more you code / learn it, the better it comes and the more interesting it turns out to be. I will preset a simple way of using prototypes with JS. Pretty much, if

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JS – Drop and display a file to a html

Javascript has a powerful event and DOM objects, that enable anyone to do fancy things with it. Today I have thought of writing a todo list in *.txt file and adding it to a *.htm file with javaScript. Something like this:

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JS – Another simple js game with counters and click events

Recently I have started to read a little more about JS, in order to make the reviews of some JS books. Thus, this December would be JS December (or at least the first part of it! 🙂 ). So, lets

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JavaScript – A simple calculator with lots Bootstrap

Have you ever dreamt of making the simplest application for calculating two numbers? Nope? Me also. But anyhow, I have started to make it only with JavaScript, without jQuery and it turned out to be fun after some time. That is

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JavaScript – Format HTML with JavaScript code

Have you ever tought of formatting HTML with JS in stead of CSS? Why have you tought about it? Anyway, if playing with formats is your thing, here is a small example how to achieve the following picture with JS

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JavaScript – A function, calling a function! :)

Hallo Leute! 🙂 Today I was putting some more efforts in JavaScript, and I think I have finally realized how the how the trick with a function calling a function is actually done. Now, lets imagine the following easy scenario for

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Java Script – Basic Functions, Global Variables, Getting Elements by Tag Name, Event Objects

So, today I have made a pretty simple application – and the word pretty stands for small, not for a synonym of beautiful 🙂 The reason for making this application was my awful internet connection – I feel like I

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Java Script – Random pictures

Imagine that you are in a situation, on which you are wondering among 8 different choices. Thus, the following program would be able to help you take a solution. Or at least to check the way JS works with arrays,

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Ubuntu – A few useful terminal commands

In the current article, I will present a few useful commands, for the Linux(Ubuntu) terminal. The article is going to be updated constatly with new entries:) Here they come: General Python Related Java Script and Git related

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