DevOps Conference in coming – time to install Python on my machine

In less than 4 days I would be travelling to Berlin to see what is happening on the DevOpsCon there. I will be present for a whole day workshop for machine learning with Python, thus I have decided that it is time to install Python on my laptop and to try to remember a few things from the glorious spring 2 years ago, when I was winning awards with this language and coding with it daily. It was definitely fun, anyhow.


So, long story short – see you in the DevOpsCon 🙂

Long story long – I have downloaded python on windows and it is really somehow… different 🙂 Well, still, if you want to use Python in windows, it’s not that bad. But it’s a bit strange, indeed. However, some years ago I have written a review of Wing IDE, thus it means that I have used python on Windows at least for a day, before becoming an Ubuntu person. And I should have the Wing IDE somewhere in my old laptop.

Anyhow, if you ever need to run a python script on Windows, these are the steps:

  1. Do not tell anyone that you use Python in Windows, you really do not want to hear their reactions 🙂
  2. Download the latest Python from the official FTP of –
  3. Click Next>Next>Next
  4. Create a file with a *.py ( extension and put something from here in the file
  5. In the command prompt navigate to the file
  6. Write py functionName argumentName
  7. Enjoy it 🙂


Now, that I am sure that I have Python on my machine, I am ready for the DevOps Meeting! 🙂



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