Entity Framework – C# – Introduction – Video

I have started some time ago to do stuff with Entity Framework (EF) in VitoshAcademy, I even have two articles about it – Beginning with EF and Enable Migrations with EF.


I have noticed that the SoftUni is having an EF course, thus I have taken a deeper look at its problems and tasks.

Pretty much, I have decided to solve the first 10 problems of the step-by-step task, which were rather interesting and for which the SoftUni has provided a Judge system. The judge system compares your answer with the expected one, and if it is correct you get 1 point. Like this:


Pretty much that is it. The tasks are described here. The SQL Databases for the tasks are here:

So, that’s all. Last but not least – the video, showing how do I code.

The code from the video is available in GitHub here.

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