Excel – My Shortcut List

The idea of this article is to show the shortcuts, that I have discovered through the previous 4 months. Therefore, it is not a full list of Excel shortcuts, neither a full list of the shortcuts I use. They are sorted in the way I have found them, so it may look unsorted. Thus, it is more like a reminder of the “cool” shortcuts, which really save your time, if you are programming with VBA & making Excel calculation tools:



Ctrl + Shift + L Filter
Alt + DownArrow Show from list
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Select range
Alt + OCA Beautifulize
F5 GoTo Special Objects
ALT + WAV Arrange Vertical Windows
ALT + WN new Window
Ctrl + Shift + U Collapse Formula Bar
Alt + F1 Create Chart
Ctrl + F1 Hide Ribbon
Alt + OHH/ OHU Hide / Unhide (sheet)
Alt + WFR Freeze Panes
Ctrl + Shift + End All  used cells
Ctrl + Enter Automatic Finish of Formula
F3 List of Named Ranges
Alt + TUT/D/A Trace precedents / dependents
Ctrl +/- Add/ Remove Columns
Ctrl + Pg Up/Down Quick Switch between sheets
Ctrl + F9 / F10 Minimize / Restores Workbook
F12 Save As
F4 Brush for Number Formats
Alt + D + P Create Pivot

Non-Excel Shortcuts


Ctrl + Shift + Esc Task Manager


Ctrl + Break Stop Macro
F9 Toggle Breakpoint
Ctrl + F9 Remove All Breakpoints

VBA (selfdefined):

Ctrl + Alt + F12 Close All Windows
Ctrl + Shift + C Comment Selection
Ctrl + Shift + U UnComment Selection

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