Shortcuts (Visual Studio, VBA, Excel)

Visual Studio 

F5 Run

F10 Step Over. Does not step into the current method and goes to the next statement.

F11 Step Into. Standard Step-by-step slow debugging.

Ctrl + F5 Runs the project without debugging

Shift + F11 Step Out. Completes and steps out of the current method. Finishes the current method.

Shift + F5 Stop. Debugging stops and returns Visual Studio to design mode.

Ctrl+W Ctrl+S Show solutions explorer

Ctrl+R Ctrl+W Disable visual “dots”

Ctrl+K Comment

Ctrl+U Uncomment

Ctrl+K Ctrl+D Auto Format


Ctrl + Break Stop Running VBA

F9 Toggle Breakpoint

Ctrl + F9 Remove Breakpoint


Ctrl + Shift + L Filter

Alt + DownArrow Show from list

Ctrl + Shift + 8 Select range

Alt + O C A Beautifulize

F5 GoTo Special Objects

ALT + WAV Arrange Vertical Windows

ALT + WN new Window

Ctrl + Shift + U Collapse Formula Bar

Alt + F1 Create Chart

Ctrl + F1 Hide Ribbon

Alt + OHH/ OHU Hide / Unhide (sheet)

Alt + WFR Freeze Panes

Ctrl + Shift + End All  used cells

Ctrl + Enter Automatic Finish of Formula

F3 List of Named Ranges

Alt + TUT/D/A Trace precedents / dependents

Ctrl +/- Add/ Remove Columns

Ctrl + Pg Up/Down Quick Switch between sheets

Ctrl + F9 / F10 Minimize / Restores Workbook

F12 Save As

F4 Brush for Number Formats

Alt + D + P Create Pivot


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