Google Chrome Extension – Building a simple extension for VitoshAcademy.Com

In this article I will simply let you know, that has its own google extension now – it simply shows you  the last 10 articles in the site and it lets you know if there is a new one. Simple as this:


As you are probably aware, I am a book reviewer (as a hobby) and thus, I have decided to review the book “Creating Google Chrome Extensions” from



After reading the first two chapters of the book, I have realized that Chrome extensions should be fun and interesting. Thus, I have searched a little in the net and I have found the following video of

Following the logic of the video, I have built my own extension, which shows the last 10 sites, published in VitoshAcademy.Com.

The extension is to be found in the google web store:


If you are interested, the code is available in GitHub here:

Enjoy it! 🙂

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