HTA – HTML Application with Basic!

Today I found out that there is a possibility to build nice applications with Visual Basic, using HTML and CSS in them. The technology is called HTA – HTML Application and it looks pretty much as an exe file with HTML, CSS and VB in it. Quite satisfactory.

In stead of JavaScript, you may use VBScript and have a really nice looking desktop application. A worthy one, if you know what you want to build. As far as I did not know, I have built a simple calculator, which sums numbers. To make it more interesting and being able to click the button more times with changing values, I have made the calculator to calculate an exponential function. This is the result before the first click:


And after the second click:


Pretty much how does it work? You should think that you are making a web app, the HTML and the CSS are there, just instead of JavaScript you have a VBScript.

And that is all. Here comes the code:

Available in one of my repositories in GitHub as well.

Enjoy it!

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