VB – XML Generator with Visual Basic

So, while I am really working with VBA for the latest months, I have decided to upgrade a little and to take a look what can be done with VB .Net, hoping that some better ideas would come and I would be able to become more and more productive.

So, thus today the idea is the following – generate XML into a file, if possible, make it random. Thus, let’s imagine that we need a XML file with the following

  • DateAndTime
  • Grade
  • Name
  • University Education
  • City

To make it more interesting, I have decided to make the names random and the city is a number from 1 to 4, each letter meaning something, using enumeration in my code. The result is a file, looking like this:


Yes, names like “RTYUUL” and “STVJF” are not really popular, and due to some reason the Date and Time are quite in the same date and tiem, but still, it is quite good random XML list.

So here comes .Net VB code, that generated this “beauty”:

Available also in GitHub! Enjoy it! 😀

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