JavaScript – How to make a module in JS

Making a module in JS is kind of interesting. Especially, if you expect something like a class like in VBA or C#. Well, it has nothing to do with it, it is just a function, assigned to a variable.

In the current article, I simply make one small module and I print it. The trick is in the nested functions in the module, which return what you have asked for … In a way! đŸ™‚

Thus, I have asked to create two articles, with dates and titles. Then I change the title of the second article (in an array we start counting from zero). Then I print what I have. The interesting thing is that in any other language (C#, VB or anything powered by .Net or Java engine) I would have expected to see two different versions of the array named “articles”. However, in JS this is not the case đŸ™‚

Check out what do I mean here:


Yup, this is how it looks like! đŸ™‚ JS is fast like the wind in its own way!

Here comes the code:

Available also in GitHub here!

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