News – Strategic partnership with for reviews of gadgets

As you have probably noticed, I have reviewed quite a few books during the last two years in which I have started the site. The number of Amazon reviews is about 16 and currently there are two books waiting for a review.

Thus, I think it is time to start reviewing IT stuff. Due to the fact that it is always more fun to do things in a group, I have decided to gather a small team for the gadget reviews. A team of three people is enough to review anything – from a pocket PC to the latest mobile!

Who is in the team? – That is definitely a good question! 🙂

Well, the team is called “The Beauty, the Geek and the All-Mighty Pig“.

So far, I would not tell you who is who in the team, but I would only mention one person from it – Yavor from (trust me, he is not the one with the nickname “the Beauty”):

So, long story short – if you are working for a top company, producing gadgets and you want video reviews from our outstanding team, just contact me on for more information!

We promise fear and outstanding reviews! 🙂 Or at least a tons of fun for us, while we are making them! 🙂

So long, feel free to challenge the three of us! 😛

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