Python Django – How to add css to django application

So, some time ago I have started to create apps in Django with Python. It is really fun and amazing, whatΒ one can achieve with this package πŸ™‚


E.g., I have generated a small app, counting words and analyzing their repeatability, but I will write about it later. Now, you can take a look at GitHub, if you want to.

Anyway, as soon as I started with writing HTML in Django, the first thing I have encountered is that it is not that easy to add a separate style.css file to it. I was adding it with the standard way, but it simply was not working. Thus, I have decided to make a small research in the net, and it seemed to be quite a big issue for some people as well. I have tried some of the recipes, but it did not work out as I wanted it to. Thus, today, while I was looking for some information for staticfiles in Django, I found a way to do it and I managed it πŸ™‚

So, for all the people out there, who try to search for “how to add css to django”, here is the correct sequence:

  1. At the bottomΒ of the file, write the following:

    The first line should be there, so just add the second line.
  2. In the folder of the django app, create a folder named “static”. You can find the exact location of my static folder from my app for counting words here:
  3. So far so good. Now go to the html file in the templates folder (in my app it is index.html), open it and on the top of it write “{% load staticfiles %}”. Write this even before openning the tag, write it on the first line.
  4. Then within the <head></head> tag writeΒ  <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”{% static ‘css/style.css’ %}”> My head tag currently looks like this:

That is all! Enjoy it!


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