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C# – CodeForces – A. Mister B and Book Reading

Codeforces has easy and tough questions. However, the easy are not always easy, but the tough are always tough. Thus, after writing the Excel article here for Sumproduct, I have decided to go a bit easy and start with the

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CodeForces – Problem 798B – Mike and strings

Solving problems in CodeForces usually never works out as expected somehow – if I tend to overestimate the problem, I am able to solve it within 10 minutes and if I underestimate it, I stay about 1 hour on a simple

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C# – Algorithms – Grasshopper And the String – CodeForces.com

Its Friday, the week is finally over and as far as I was planning to write an article per week or so, I have decided to write something. In these cases, when I do not have something prepared, I simply

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