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VBA – Why Range.Find() sometimes mistakes January with November and Febrary with December?

After writing that the built-in Find() function in VBA does not return the first value by default, a new interesting case with the Find function appeared. In order to simulate it, the following task could be imagined: Write the first

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VBA – Resolving C# competition problem with VBA and Excel (2)

After the previous two articles, in which I have resolved two C# competition problems of the SoftUni, located here and here I have decided to resolve a new one. Pretty much, it turns out that it is really possible to

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VBA – Load Web Page from Excel

Sometimes you may wish to load a web page from Excel. Just for fun. Then you have probably googled it and you realized that the command “ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add” exists. Then you simply decided to try it but, something did not happen

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