VBA – Resolving C# competition problem with VBA and Excel (2)

After the previous two articles, in which I have resolved two C# competition problems of the SoftUni, located here and here I have decided to resolve a new one. Pretty much, it turns out that it is really possible to do so, although VBA is considered a simple scripting language far away from the productivity of C#. Anyway, it is not the language but the person behind the keyboard, that makes the difference (you may cite me for this one!).

So, here comes the task from the test:

You are given N strings. Every string consists of letters, symbols, numbers and whitespace. All letters (a-z) and (A-Z) have values corresponding to their position in the English alphabet * 10 (a = 10, A = 10, b = 20, B = 20, …, z = 260, Z = 260). All symbols (like `~!@#$%^&*()_+{}:”|<>?-=[];’\,./) have a fixed value of 200 and all numbers have the value of their digit * 20 (0 = 0, 1 = 20, 2 = 40, 3 = 60, …, 9 = 180). The whitespace is ignored. Your task is to calculate the sum of all letters, all symbols and all numbers from the input and print them, each at a separate line.

How it is done? Following these steps:

  1. Generate a for loop to examine each char of the string.
  2. With a few conditional operators determine what exactly is the char (whether a letter, a number or a symbol)
  3. At the end display the result.

In Excel it would look like this:


Here comes the code :

Enjoy it!

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