VB .NET Just Another ToDo App with VitoshAcademy

So far in VitoshAcademy I have done the following ToDo apps:

It is not because I really have so much to do, but I really like the To Do example, when it comes to getting acquainted to some technology. If I can do the CRUD model, then it puts me on one level further in that technology. Or at least I tend to think so 🙂 Thus, now it is time for VB .Net.

This is how my To Do app looks like:


You may enter the task by writing in the text box below “Task” and if you want to edit it, then select it from the listview on the right and simply change it. Once you are ready, press “Edit”. You would get update with the count of the edited items and the item would be updated on the right side. No database is used in this small model.


Easy and nice. At least I liked it, because I managed to finish it quite fast and I got what I wanted to get. 🙂

That’s all. The code is below:

Here comes the code in GitHub!

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