VB .Net – Notifications for Windows Taskbar

Every user of Windows has seen the notifications on the Windows Taskbar. They are somehow not pleasant, but sometimes useful with the information they provide. If you want to make use of those in VB .Net, this article would show you how to do it.
Pretty much, the code adds an icon to the Taskbar. Then, once we click with the right button on it, we get a menu with “Start” and “End”. The “Start” option has another option “Ale”, which kindly shows us a messagebox with text “Opa” (which means “grandmother” in German FYI). If we click on the start we get the Welcome message with lorem ipsum text.tm2

That’s all. How to build it? It is simple Windows Form Application with NotifyIcon and ContextMenuStrip:


It is important to set an icon for the NotifyIcon and to associate its “ContextMenuStrip” to ContextMenuStrip1, to make it work:


The rest of the code is here:

Here comes the code in GitHub! Enjoy it!

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