Angular JS – Just Another To-Do App

  • In the last year, I have made quite enough To-Do apps – just in I have published one with PHP with login functionality,  and I had quite a big project (about 3 days of coding from 3 coders ) here with Python with Djangon. Thus, I have decided to build one ever nicer with Angular JS. At the end, it appeared to be a ToDo app with a great search functionality. If I manage, one day I would add a database as well. But currently – not, the scopes in Angular JS were really somehow hard to understand. After all, I have managed. Somehow. 🙂

Just Another To Do App

So long story short – wysiwyg, if you get the files from GitHub. These are the features:

  • The small bootstrap icons have 5 different features:
    • The plus adds a new Web Site To-Do Application part.
    • The info gives hidden info for the To-Do.
    • The heart changes the info at two label on the bottom, where currently is written “Here be dragons”.
    • The pencil is used for edit.
    • The X sign deletes the line.
  • The search works fantastically.
  • And that is all… The whole CRUD works, so I can rest and drink my beer.

How is this made? Pretty much with the sweat of a developer, google and simple implementation of the MVC framework. Here are the two main files:

And the project.js file:

And at the end – the repository of the angular todo project. If you are willing, please feel free to commit to it.

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