VBA – IIF() vs IF()

What is the difference between IIF() and IF() in #VBA?

Saw that cat, had to write a #VBA article!

The idea of IIF() is that it evaluates both the True and the False part of the condition, before evaluating the condition itself. Thus, if the False part throws an error, you will suffer! Anyway, IIF() is a 1-liner, while the If() is a 5-liner. And some people tend to think that “Less is more”… But it is not always true. Run the two subs below and see for yourself:

  • TestingIIf() from above throws the error, alhough the 5/0 should not be evaluated as far as 1 = 1 is True.
  • TestingIf() works exactly as you would expect it, without a problem. A few more lines indeed, but you stay on the safe side.
  • Thus, make sure that you really have a good reason to use IIF(), being a 1-liner fancy is not worth it about 99.(9)% of the time!


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