VBA – Make Excel Comments Beautiful

Everyone, who has worked with Excel more than a year knows that the comments are actually quite useful – they allow us to put info data into a cell, without actually putting data in the cell.

However, the standard way of having the Excel comments is somehow unpleasant – the yellow color is a bit too much and usually we want something else.

At this point, #VBA is coming with plenty of ways to edit the outlook of the comment shape. Just to name a few of the properties here:

Actually, with this part of the code, you may make a beautiful comment, like the one in the picture. And anything is editable, if you press Ctrl + Space, while editing. E.g., if you change the line, concerning the AutoShapeType  to this Р.AutoShapeType = msoShapeActionButtonMovie, then your comment will be looking like this one:

If you want to have the comments shown as a default, then set the commentVisible parameter to True. Enjoy it:

That’s all, folks!

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