Month: April 2015

Python / Sqlite3 – Make a DB with Python

Some time ago, I have built something like a primitive SQL language for C# here. Today, I have worked on a similar task, checking the powers of Sqlite3 with Python. This time it was not that primitive and the results were better

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Python – Crawling the top 50 sites from Bulgaria for their servers

Have you ever wondered on what servers the top 50 most visited Bulgarian sites run? That is definitely an interesting question, if you are Bulgarian IT admin and you have pretty much free time 🙂 Anyway, as far as I am

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Python – Who follows you at GitHub?

Who follows you? Who follows your followers? And who follows the followers of your followers? And what about the next level? These are pretty interesting question actually. With easy answers, if you are interested only in GitHub. The GitHub team have provided

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Book Review – Web Coding Bible

This week I have read the book Web Coding Bible, kindly provided to me by Mr. Chong Lip Phang for a review 🙂 If you want to have your book reviewed by me, mail me at review[at]vitoshacademy[dot]com.   The book consists

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Ubuntu – Setup jQuery project with node.js and server from scratch

Yup! That is what we are gonna do – Setup jQuery project with node.js and server from scratch in Ubuntu. There are plenty of ways to do it in the internet. Setting up a jQuery project is something, that should be

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Python – ABC analysis for linguists

Some time ago, like a year or so, I have written an article for ABC analysis for linguists for C#. Today, I have decided to do it for Python, just for fun and to check whether the 80/20 rule is valid.

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New Video Course for MongoDB by Packt Publishing

Packt Publishing, one of the editorial houses I am working closely with, has recently published a video series ” Learning MongoDB”, which shows how to use MongoDB for ultra-fast, fault tolerant management of big data, including advanced data analysis. You

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Video course Review – Excel VBA: How to Write Like a Professional

Some time ago, I was asked to review an Excel VBA video course. As far as VBA is my first language, I am always interested to see what new is in the market 🙂 The course is available here: So, let’s

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Python – Add data to external files and get JSON data from files

initially, the idea of the article was to write four lines of code, doing the following 2 tasks: uploading data to a given file getting JSON data from file and using it in an application However, as soon as I started, I

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JavaScript – Make Custom Functions with Prototype

In the current article, I will show you how to build functions for built-in objects in JavaScript. The way I know is using a prototype. Thus, I will create functions, giving us the last n values of an array or returning a capitalization