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jQuery Selectors – How to select by Id, by Element, by Class

“Working with jQuery is easier after one masters its selectors.” Paulo Coelho There are three main ways to select an element in jQuery – by element, by class and by tag. Thus, I have decided to create a simple web

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jQuery – Change Classes and Select Ids in JS

    Here I will show how to change classes in jQuery and to use classes and ids. The idea of the sample is really simple – we have two divs – one clickable and the other one not. Once

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jQuery – Make a simple background color picker

jQuery is probably the most popular JavaScript library. There is a reason for it – the community loves it, because it is quite understandable and useful. Today I have decided to come up with a solution of a homework from

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jQuery – Forms And Automatic Selectors

Although VitoshAcademy is not an  Academy, there should be some educational stuff. Thus, in this article I have decided to put something educational. 🙂 Let’s see how to make a simple selector in jQuery, which updates below some text, based

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jQuery – Who is following who application (in GitHub)

Stalking other people is creepy. Probably. The social media makes its money on this, so it cannot be that bad. Or this is one of the reasons why social medias are bad? Anyhow, today I have decided to come up with an

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jQuery Events – Trigger vs TriggerHandler

Let’s start from the very beginning in jQuery. Somewhere in the beginning there are events and buttons. So, I will start from there, explaining how to Trigger events and what is the difference between trigger and triggerHandler. Trigger triggers the event completely

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jQuery Mobile – Make a simple mobile web site

Building web sites is for at least 20 years a thing. Even I am able to build one, using WordPress without some advanced IT skills. Lately, I was into jQuery and thus I found something really meaningful and well written

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AJAX – JQuery – PHP – JSON – Get data from DB with AJAX

Some time ago I have made a simple ToDo list with PHP here. Today, using its database and one function from the list, I have decided to make the todo list with Ajax. This means, that you should not refresh

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jQuery – A simple game with JQuery events

Working with JQuery becomes interesting, after you get some ideas what to do and you see how easy it is to build it. Although the code below can be made about 8 times less, I have really enjoyed copying and

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jQuery – DOM – InsertBefore, PrependTo and other examples

So I have tried to learn a little about jQuery and its DOM functions and this is what I have managed to do today – an example with “insertBefore”, “prependTo”, “insertAfter” and “appendTo”. Pretty much that is what the example

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PHP – JQuery – MySQL – Make a simple drop down menu

After the simple ToDo list here, I have decided to add more features to it. So, a possible feature, looks like this – you have a drop down menu with all the users in the database: Then, after a selection,

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JQuery – fadeIn(), slideToggle(), slideUp(), animate()

While I am on the JQuery subject, with the previous article for the table game, I have decided to enrich it a little. 🙂 Thus, adding some nice animation functions for JQuery – fadeIn(); slideToggle(); slideUp, animate() and their back

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JQuery Strange Game – A way to tease yourself with JQuery events

The idea here is to try to start the YouTube clip, which is embedded in the light blue square, just bellow the jelly fish. I am using mouseout, mousemove and click events with JQuery to illustrate their way of working.

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JQuery – Select First, Last, Nth, Second Children

Ever wondering how to select children in JQuery? No? Then skip to the next article. My case is the following – I present a div with divs, and I try to select its children, changing the borders and the background.

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JQuery – Randomize Anything – Random Numbers with Random Colors

Some years ago, while I was writing my master thesis (I have two of them in two different languages), I remember that I was told that I should write something that is not written before and I should convince the reader

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Ubuntu – Setup jQuery project with node.js and server from scratch

Yup! That is what we are gonna do – Setup jQuery project with node.js and server from scratch in Ubuntu. There are plenty of ways to do it in the internet. Setting up a jQuery project is something, that should be

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