Month: June 2016

Book Review – JavaScript Object Programming

Some time has passed after I have received the JavaScript Object Programming for a review from Actually, much more than expected, considering the size of the book of only 95 pages (w/o appendices). Let’s write something about the book

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C# – Algorithm – Bear And Prime, Interactive Problem in CodeForces – Part 2

In Part 1 here I have shown the code that gives full points in the interactive CodeForces.Com problem for Bear And Prime.The trick is that writing hard-coded values in a code is really far away from a good practice in

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C# – Algorithm – Bear And Prime, Interactive Problem in CodeForces

On Wednesday I was participating in a round of the second division of Codeforces.Com and I managed to resolve 2 problems (1 completely, 1 not exactly completely :)). The third problem was written to be “interactive” and as far as

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C# – Algorithms – Bear And Finding Criminals (from CodeForces)

This Wednesday on 18:35 I did not have anything better to do than competing in I have just finished work at 18:00 and I managed to get home before the start of the competition and even to get a sandwich

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C# – Algorithms – Vanya and Label

On Wednesday I have participated in a competition and it was not as quite successful as I wished it to be. I managed to solve 2 problems and 1 of them was “hacked”, which means 1 problem. Anyhow, I was

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Book Review – JavaScript Object Programming – Coming Soon

JavaScript object programming – another book for JavaScript is waiting to be reviewed in vitoshacademy! 🙂 Hopefully, after reading it, I will understand deeper all the ways to make OOP in JS. It was always a trilling subject for me, let’s make

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Book Review – Databases for Small Business – Coming Soon

  Database for small business was something I thought I had no competition in. 🙂 My idea was that the “great professional developers”, the so-called “champions” do not go into that field and thus, there is plenty of place for

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Book Review – Learn PHP 7 – Coming soon

After writing some articles about PHP and even reviewing books about it, I have asked the nice people from Apress.Com to kindly send me the book PHP 7 for a review.  And they did it! 😀 Thus, I hope I would

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