Month: September 2016

SQL Server – Triggers creation

Creating triggers in SQL Server with T-SQL is both easy to be done and efficient 🙂 Thus, sometimes DB developers tend to write more triggers than needed and the efficiency sinks a bit. In this article I will simply write

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Book Review – Relational Database Programming

Today I have finished the reading of Relational Database Programming, brought to me kindly by Thus the review is now here: The author is a SQL developer. He was “laughed” for being a not a “real developer” from some developers,

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Book Review – Beginning SQL Queries – From Novice to Professional

Lately I have decided to put some more attention into SQL Server. Thus, I have kindly asked Apress.Com to provide me with some SQL books for review. The first one I have just finished reading was the book Beginning SQL

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C# – CodeForces Round 368 – Problem 1

I have not been blogging for a while, because I got a little deeper into reading the SQL books, which are waiting for review and thus I have decided to blog about something today. Initially, the idea was to write

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