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The dates in Excel, VBA and SQL Server

There is a lot over the Internet, written for the dates in Excel, VBA and SQL Server, but still, there is quite much to be written. In general, it all has started, when the developers of Lotus 1-2-3 have decided

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SQL Server – Triggers creation

Creating triggers in SQL Server with T-SQL is both easy to be done and efficient 🙂 Thus, sometimes DB developers tend to write more triggers than needed and the efficiency sinks a bit. In this article I will simply write

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SQL Server – Solution of the first part of the SoftUni Exam for SQL Server

Just a day ago I have participated at an exam, organized from SoftUni for SQL server. The exam can be found here and the questions for it are here. In the current article I will present my answers from the first part

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SQL Server – Create two tables with primary and foreign key with SQL code

There is a simple way in VBA and in Python to create tables in the database you need, giving the tables a name of a variable and the type of a variable. In SQL Server, we also have a way

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SQL Server – Get data below the avarage; Difference between Left and Right Join Explained

I have started to explain tricks with SQL Server in a series of articles about a week or two ago. Today I will use a database, mentioned in a previous article. Get data below average The task is to get top

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SQL Server – Simple Transaction in SQL Server

So, after starting with SQL Server custom views, SQL Server Triggers, SQL Server Procedures and Functions, now it is time to pay some attention to SQL Transaction as well. What are transactions? Microsoft says the following:  A transaction is a single

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SQL Server – create trigger to log changes in DB

About 6 months ago I wrote about the way to create a log sheet in Excel with VBA. Nowadays, as far as I am doing a small upgrade from MS Excel to MS SQL Server 🙂 , I was interested

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