Month: October 2016

News – The owner of VitoshAcademy is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

On the 9.August I have published an article, announcing that I am a MTA in C# development. Now, some 2.5 months later, I am  a Microsoft Certified Professional in Querying SQL Server 2012. Unbelievable! That’s why I was lately reviewing

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Codeforces – Problem A – Checking the Calendar

Today I have not been very productive, after all it is Sunday and a person should relax. However, I have noticed the Intel Code Challenge in CodeForces, thus I have decided just to try the first problem. The problem seemed trivial,

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Book Review – Macro Recording in Excel

Some days ago, I was informed by Mrs. Poleg, that she has had published a new book concerning VBA and Excel. As far as VBA is the tool, that gives me bread and butter on the table, I was willing to

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SQL – Make XML from a SQL database

Some time ago I have decided to go a little deeper into SQL. And by some time ago I probably mean some years. Anyhow, in this article I will present the ways I know to make XML out of SQL