Month: November 2016

C# – Algorithms – Parade – is really a nice place you can learn stuff. Learning by doing is probably what man actually needs in programming. Thus, I have taken the 2. Problem of the 2. Division in CodeForces, as far as it seemed interesting

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Book Review – Pro SQL Server Administration

After some months, the time for the book review of “Pro SQL Server Administration” has come. I have always wanted to have a good, big Bible-like book for SQL Server (it’s a weird dream), and finally I have obtained one

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C# – Algorithms – Grasshopper And the String –

Its Friday, the week is finally over and as far as I was planning to write an article per week or so, I have decided to write something. In these cases, when I do not have something prepared, I simply

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VBA – Generate numbers in given columns

Imagine you have a spreadsheet with some numbers in it. And you need to read the first 130 numbers in the first 7 columns and save them in a list. Or something similar. Quite a strange task, but it happens

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VBA – Too many different cell formats

Sometimes with Excel you receive an error message, saying “Too Many Different Cell Formats”. This is really hard to believe, because you have not done something bad or strange and yet you cannot finish your action. Still, Microsoft knows about

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