Month: February 2017

C# – simple example of interfaces

After the previous article here for simple example of inheritance, today I have decided to write something similar for interfaces. Pretty much, interfaces are something similar that objects implement. 🙂 E.g., if you have keyboard and a phone, they both

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C# – Simple example of inheritance

Reading the C# 6.0. book for which I am preparing a review made  me think that I do not post a lot of C#  code. Thus, I have decided to prepare a simple C# example of inheritance with overriding. Let’s see

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VBA – The perfect userform in VBA

Somewhere in the summer of 2012 I have started coding in VBA. A little less than 5 years have passed since that very moment when I have pressed Alt+F11 for a first time and I have entered another Excel world.

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Book Review – Practical Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 – Coming Soon

With C# as probably my first “real” language, it is quite normal that Visual Studio was my first “real” IDE. Thus, I am always interested when something new, concerning Visual Studio comes to the market. Thus, my interest was attracted

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Book Review – C# 6.0 and the .Net 4.6 Framework – coming soon

C# is probably my first “real” programming language. Pretty much I split my programming languages into two parts – “real” programming languages and VBA. I like the “real” part, because if I was given 1 euro every time someone has

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C# – Greedy Algorithm from CodeForces

One may write a few chapters in an algorithmic book for greedy algorithms. The funny part about them, is that there are a set of algorithmic problems, where the greedy solution tends to be the best one. What exactly is

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VBA – Code stops unexpectedly with “Code execution has been Interrupted” – Ghost Break

Ghost breaks in Excel can turn you crazy. Probably. If you do not know what to do and how to google them. Pretty much your code is perfect, it has worked 1000 of times, it compiles perfectly and still you

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C# – Algorithms – Find n-th divisor of an integer

The Codeforces contests are sometimes more challenging than expected, even for the first problems, which are supposed to be trivial. Well, they are not that trivial. In the 762. edition, the 1. problem was concerning the n-th divisor of an

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