VBA – Code stops unexpectedly with “Code execution has been Interrupted” – Ghost Break

Ghost breaks in Excel can turn you crazy. Probably.vba

If you do not know what to do and how to google them. Pretty much your code is perfect, it has worked 1000 of times, it compiles perfectly and still you get a nasty error message saying Code execution has been interrupted:


Then you press “Continue” or “Debug” and F5 and it stops again in a while.

And nothing can save it – even restart or reinstall of Excel. If you google, you can probably find something… In page 10 of the results.

Anyhow, this is called “Ghost Break” and there is a good way to go around it, within 5 seconds. These are the steps:

  • Press “Debug” button in the popup.
  • Press Ctrl+Pause|Break twice.
  • Hit the play button to continue.
  • Save the file after completion.

And that is enough.

Thanks to StackOverflow for doing their wonderful job in gathering the knowledge!

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