Month: September 2017

JavaScript – Simple Progressive Web Application

Tomorrow I will be visiting the HackConf at Sofia, Bulgaria. Thus, today I was part of a workshop for Progressive Web Applications and I will try to summarize how to build an application, which simply displays something like the Facebook

Software Architecture Summit – Hitchhiker’s guide to Architecture Documentation

On Monday, I was at Berlin for the first day of the Software Architecture Summit.  There I took part at the Hitchhiker’s guide to Architecture Documentation workshop. This is the summary of what I learned: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Architecture Documentation In order

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Software Architecture Summit – Diagrams for Modern Software Architecture

Yesterday, I was at Berlin for the first day of the Software Architecture Summit. I have participated on one of the workshops – Diagrams for Modern Software Architecture and I will simply put my notes about it, hoping that it

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C# – SoftUni – Bridges – Greed Algorithm

Some days ago I was checking the algorithm problems for the algorith exam preparation of SoftUni and I have decided to solve one problem. The problem is named “Bridges” (hence the youtube link above) and is a nice example of Greed

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C# – CodeForces – Tell Your World

Y = mX+B This formula is the basics of the Cartesian coordinate system. And about 70% of the knowledge, needed to solve problem B in the 2. Division of CodeForces. The problem looks like this: There are n points on a coordinate

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C# – CodeForces – Odds and Ends

The first problem in CodeForces, division 2 is usually an implementation problem. This means that after reading it, a Joe-average algorithmic person would know how to write it in less than 5 minutes. Or so I thought, before seeing this

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