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One of the most hated languages in the world. Still, it is fun.

Book Review – Pro PHP and jQuery

A little less than two months ago I was kindly provided with the second edition of the book Pro PHP and jQuery for a review. I have about 2 years experience with both technologies, although I am making a living mainly

XML with PHP – make links easily

I really did not think to make a post about it, but as far  as I have lost about 15 minutes in research how to do it, it is obviously that spending some 10 minutes more would be valuable. The

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AJAX – JQuery – PHP – JSON – Get data from DB with AJAX

Some time ago I have made a simple ToDo list with PHP here. Today, using its database and one function from the list, I have decided to make the todo list with Ajax. This means, that you should not refresh

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jQuery – DOM – InsertBefore, PrependTo and other examples

So I have tried to learn a little about jQuery and its DOM functions and this is what I have managed to do today – an example with “insertBefore”, “prependTo”, “insertAfter” and “appendTo”. Pretty much that is what the example

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PHP – JQuery – MySQL – Make a simple drop down menu

After the simple ToDo list here, I have decided to add more features to it. So, a possible feature, looks like this – you have a drop down menu with all the users in the database: Then, after a selection,

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PHP – Build a HTML Table From any Query

As far as I am putting some efforts towards PHP and understanding why it is so hated by programmers all around, I have decided that the results from the queries should be always easily displayed in an HTML table. A

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PHP – Make a simple To Do list with PHP

Some two days ago I have decided that it would be more fun if I try to make a simple PHP todo list, while trying to learn the language. 🙂 After all, I have made this exercise with JS (no

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PHP – Simple guessing game

Indeed simple. These are the rules (from a homework of the SoftUni): Implement a “Guess Number Game” in PHP. Keep the secret number in the user’s session and indicate “Up” or “Down” after each guess. At the start page of

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PHP – Inheritance and Overload in a Class

Have you ever dreamt to understand the inheritance and the overload from once 5 minute example? No such dreams? Anyway, in case you ever tend to think about it, here is the example with PHP. Let’s imagine that we have

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PHP – Make Iterator with PHP Class

PHP and iterators… Violin and boxing… Anyway, it is possible and the possibility is since some years ago. In this article I will simply show how to make an iterator with a PHP class. And I would iterate in a

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PHP – class with functions

After some time with JS and Python, this week I have decided to continue with PHP. So, let’s see how you can make a class with a function in PHP. My class would be called Investment, with 3 public variables

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