Linear Algebra – Drawing with Vectors – 3d and 2d

Plotting 2d and 3d vectors into a 3d space can be actually fun.

Linear algebra is nice, but coffee is sometimes better.

Using mainly the code from Math for Programmers, I am presenting in this video an example of plotting 2d into 3d and back, using identity matrix and showing what tiny changes in it would result in the plotted area.

E.g. The following change of the identity matrix (see the added 3 and 2) would return the following plots:

Red shape is moved +3 on x and +2 on y.

Red shape is moved +3 on x and +2 on y. But on 3d.

As you see from the caption of the plots, just by multiplying with the correct identity matrix, we can achieve a lot – moving up and down, right and left the shape in 3d. The whole trick is explained in the video below.

The code is in GitHub here:

I hope you will enjoy the video!

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