Ubuntu – A few useful terminal commands

In the current article, I will present a few useful commands, for the Linux(Ubuntu) terminal. The article is going to be updated constatly with new entries:)

Here they come:


command action/result
ctrl + l clear console
cd double click OR change directory
ls shows all files or folders
ls -a shows hidden files as well
cat prints the text of the file at the console
ctrl+alt+T opens the terminal
mv rename file
touch one.py creates a file one.py
pwd print working directory
mkdir -p~projects/…/… makes the directory

Python Related

command action/result
python3.4 starts Python
gt;gt;> not a command but the Python REPL (Read Evaluate Print Loop)
Ctrl+D exit Python
Python3.4 {name of file} takes the file and executes it

Java Script and Git related

command action/result
install bootstrap bower install bootstrap -save
npm initialize npm init
bower initialize bower init
install express npm install express -save
install nodemon sudo nodemonnpm install -g nodemon
push for a git git push origin master

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