Object Oriented Programming with Python – YouTube video

Object oriented programming (OOP) in general is a huge topic, but I have decided to make a 30 minute video, based on the book Math for Programmers, as I liked the way it was explained there:

Generally, in the video, I am talking about a few basic OOP subjects, explaining how these run with Jupyter Notebook.

My base class is Rectangle, with a few dunder methods and 1 class method:

Something, that I have not mentioned in the video is the comparison of two classes, derived from an abstract class, with implemented __eq__:

That is how it is done:

And the comparisons look like that:

Here comes the whole code – https://github.com/Vitosh/Python_personal/blob/master/YouTube/012_OOP-In-Python/012_OOP-In-Python.ipynb

Enjoy it 🙂

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