SQL Server – Create two tables with primary and foreign key with SQL code

There is a simple way in VBA and in Python to create tables in the database you need, giving the tables a name of a variable and the type of a variable. In SQL Server, we also have a way to create tables from plain SQL text.

sqlserverLet’s imagine that you have a task to create two tables with a one to many connection like this:


Thus, what do we have above? Two tables with a primary keys each and a connection between them. Nothing special, but the connection is really very basic, so I have decided that it worths blogging about it. To make the task one idea more difficult, after building the columns, I add additional column in table FootballTournaments with the command ALTER.

The SQL is really selbstverständlich and that is one of the SQL beauties. Here comes the code:


Enjoy it!

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