VBA – Building a C# class task with VBA

As I have already mentioned in some articles here and there, in order to find something valuable and interesting to blog about, I convert tasks from C# into VBA. The C# task from the SoftUni looked like this:

Define a class Person that has name, age and email. The name and age are mandatory. The email is optional. Define properties that accept non-empty name and age in the range [1…100]. In case of invalid argument, throw an exception. Define a property for the email that accepts either null or non-empty string containing ‘@’. Define two constructors. The first constructor should take name, age and email. The second constructor should take name and age only and call the first constructor. Implement the ToString() method to enable printing persons at the console.



Ok, writing a C# task in VBA could be somehow difficult, but I managed to do it. However, having two constructors in a class is something impossible for VBA, thus I simply decided to live with one. Furthermore, instead of overriding the  ToString() method (which is N/A) in VBA, I simply created my own function, fShowInformation. At the end, the result was not as tempting, so I made it a little fancier – I have generated three objects from class clsPerson and I have added the to a collection, assigning them random name and age. Three different e-mails were predefined to them:

Later I have decided to change one of the Persons with some normal credentials as follows:

At the end I print the information for the Person. The trick is that if the person has no e-mail, it is written in the fShowInformation function. Later the classes are terminated.

Pretty much, that is it. Here is how the thing works. If you really have the patience to wait for the 90 second demonstration, let me know 🙂


Anyway, last but not least, here comes the code. Two of the functions are copy + edit + paste from the net, I would have done them differently:

The class is named clsPerson

Enjoy it!



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