Month: March 2014

C# – “Painting” with the console – Kaspichania Boats

Today I have decided to take a look at some new C# contest problems, for C# level 1 of the Telerik Academy. I thought that this would be rather easy for me, as far as I have successfully passed the

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C# – Dictionaries and simple actions with them

The dictionaries in C# are quite interesting feature. For a person, coming from the VBA world ( šŸ™‚ ), this feature is quite interesting and new. A lot has been said in the internetĀ about dictionaries, so I will not try

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C# – A little bit about Lists < T >

In this article I will present some good and worthy examples about the usage of Lists in C#.Net. There are quite a lot good articles for lists and their usage, this one will try to summarize their examples and and

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VBA – Defining last cells in row/column and size of spreadsheet

In this post I will simply show a few VBA tricks, for defining last used cell in a row (or column) and defining the size of the worksheet. Let’s assume that you wish to delete all the contents from a

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WPF – Triggers and Styles – Pro WPF 4.5 in C# book

Some time ago I started reading this book – Pro WPF 4.5 in C#. As far as it was given to me in order to write some reviews on it, today I have decided to write something about chapter 11.

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Excel Data Analysis Tool – Descriptive Statistics – Simple Explanation

After writing some articles for linear regression hereĀ and here, I have decided to get a little deeper into the Excel Data Analysis Tool. Pretty much, what it does is providing a lot of statistical information for a set of data.

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MS Excel – Linear Regression (2)

Some time ago I wrote an article explaining linear regression.Ā If you have no understanding about the method, I recommend that you read it. Now I am going to build upon this article, using the same example as from it and

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VBA – MS Word tricks with VBA

VBA is a Microsoft script language, mostly used with Excel. And there are reasons for this – mainly, the skills needed to use VBA are easily grasp by those, using Excel on a daily basis. The second reason is that

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VBA – Access – Export a table in HTML and other tricks

After showing some tricks for VBA MS Access, I have decided to go back to the field again to find a way to export a table in HTML format. Actually, VBA and Microsoft have taken care of the issue (no

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VBA – 5 Excel Worksheet Based Tricks

In this article, I present 5 useful Excel worksheet based tricks: Set a date and time for the beginning of the latest update on the sheet; Color the changed cells in red; Change the sheet name based on the value

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VBA – Custom Excel Formulas (2)

After the first article for custom excel formulas with VBA (here) I have decided to enlarge my knowledge in the area with some additional examples. Here I present three different custom formulas for excel. 1. The first one is an

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