Month: April 2016

VBA – Depth-First-Search Algorithm with VBA

Depth first search algorithm is one of the two famous algorithms in graphs. I am now in “Algorithm Wave” as far as I am watching some videos from SoftUni Algorithm courses. In the current article I will show how to

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Book Review – Full Stack JavaScript

Some months ago I have asked Apress.Com to get the book Full Stack JavaScript for a review. Finally, I have finished it, thus the review can begin 🙂 The book is divided into 8 chapters, introducing different technologies as Backbone.js,

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VBA – Longest Increasing Subsequence

The longest increasing sub sequence is a well-known problem in computer science, its Wikipedia page is translated into 9 languages. 🙂 Thus, as far as I am watching some programming and algorithms courses in the SoftUni, I have decided to

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C# – Three Algorithms For Fibonacci Numbers

In the current article I have decided to show three ways of calculating the Fibonacci numbers in C#. The reason for this is, because Fibonacci is usually given as an example for recursion and it is probably the worst way to

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Book Review – Pro PHP and jQuery

A little less than two months ago I was kindly provided with the second edition of the book Pro PHP and jQuery for a review. I have about 2 years experience with both technologies, although I am making a living mainly

jQuery Selectors – How to select by Id, by Element, by Class

“Working with jQuery is easier after one masters its selectors.” Paulo Coelho There are three main ways to select an element in jQuery – by element, by class and by tag. Thus, I have decided to create a simple web

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