Month: August 2016

Book Review – 3 More SQL Books – Coming Soon

You read it correctly. After the posts from this week, here and here announcing two new books for review, now I am announcing 3 more. This time, there is no book of 1000+ pages thus it looks doable. Hopefully I will

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Book Review – SQL Server Query Performance Tuning – Coming Soon

The summer is slowly going away. And the new targets for the end of the year are set. Program minimum is the Microsoft MCP Exam in the Databases track. 🙂 In order to achieve it, I have asked to

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Book Review – Pro SQL Server Administration – Coming Soon

After becoming MTA (MS Technology Associate), I have decided to continue with the Microsoft Certification (MCP and MCSA) in the DB area. For this, I need to study a little more than for the MTA exam, so lets see what

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Book Review – Creating Google Chrome Extensions

Everyone using google chrome browser probably uses some extensions as well. I personally use mail checker, Hola and ad-blocker. To be honest, I have never been never thinking how these extensions were made, until I have noticed the book “Creating

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C# – Code Forces 367 – Problem 1, Division 2

Today, on this sunny Saturday I have decided to code a bit in order not to feel guilty in the evening, when I go out. Or something like this. 🙂 I came across of probably the hardest problem, given in

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News – The owner of VitoshAcademy is a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Although I do not blog a lot about subjects outside programming and book reviews, I have decided that this one deserves a separate blog post. 🙂 Today I have passed the 91-361  – Software Development Fundamentals of Microsoft and I am

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Google Chrome Extension – Building a simple extension for VitoshAcademy.Com

In this article I will simply let you know, that has its own google extension now – it simply shows you  the last 10 articles in the site and it lets you know if there is a new one.

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VBA – Professional Tools for VBA

VBA tools are important for any vba developer – today I was thinking to summarize the tools I am using daily and to update the list of them with the time. The order of the tools is pretty much random.

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