Month: January 2014

C# – WPF – Runtime and Command Binding of Labels

In the current article I will show how to bind elements in a small application. Two types of binding are presented – the so called (by me) runtime binding and command binding. The difference is that the runtime binding is

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C# – WPF – Changing styles in WPF (Setter Property usage / Style declaration in XAML)

With the current post I will present a simple application, which changes styles of buttons within WPF, based on our selection. In order to change the styles of the design, we define both styles as variables in the XAML code.

C# – WPF – Application with two click buttons and two radio buttons

In this article I present a simple application with two buttons and two radio buttons. The idea is the following – each one of the two click buttons run a WAV file from the Windows ones. The radio buttons are

C# – WPF – Creating a browser with WPF

With this article I will show how to create a simple browser application with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). The browser is really just a simple one, with just four options: Back button, Forward button, History Chooser and Go Button. Before

C# – Example of Class with Two Constructors – Video

Sometimes you should create more than one constructor for a class. This is a useful practice, if you need to generate objects of the same type which need to be initiated with different fields. In the current example, we generate

Book Review – Excel Data Analysis – Modeling and Simulation – A book, which shows you how to analyze data with Excel!

I know, that the title of the article seems a little tautological, but this is the truth – this is a data analysis book, written with passion. It is real keeper for Data Analysts, who are working all day long with

VBA – Excel Loan Payment Calculator

You know, a lot of people nowadays should simply take loans. There are plenty of load calculators available online, but it is always better whey one can calculate this thing by himself. Or with Excel, which is pretty much the

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VBA – Customize Active Window in Excel

In this article I present a good possibility to customize your Active Window from Excel itself and not from the ribbon. By inserting some form controls, we receive a decent-looking customization dashboard like the one below: The idea of the

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VBA – Quick & Impressive Recalculation of Total Sum – Video

Let’s imagine you are a supply chain manager of a company. You use 10 warehouses. Each warehouse has a number of pallets, it can accommodate. One day you decide to check what will happen if you simply reduce the numbers

VBA – Dirty Little Helper – MZ Tools

VBA is not a perfect language – actually it is not exactly a language, but if you have worked 4+ years in Excel and then you have discovered it, it is probably like miracle for you! (especially if you have

Shortcuts (Visual Studio, VBA, Excel)

Visual Studio  F5 Run F10 Step Over. Does not step into the current method and goes to the next statement. F11 Step Into. Standard Step-by-step slow debugging. Ctrl + F5 Runs the project without debugging Shift + F11 Step Out.

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C# – Count Words in a Text – ABC Analysis for Linguists

Everyone knows that in the English language there are more than 100K words. As in any other language on Earth. The point is that we DO NOT use all of them in our every day life. We simply use about

C# – Execute function based on input type

It is probably interesting to many junior programmers to create different functions and to execute them, based on the code. In short something like:

However, the things become more interesting, when we have different input types. Then the above

Book Review – C# in Depth, 3rd Edition – Free Code

This is the second C# book, to which I am writing a review. So far I have read the first 100 pages of the book and I have obtained an idea about it. It is definitely not for beginners with less