Month: February 2016

JS – OOP in JavaScript

JavaScript is probably the language that I have decided to specialize during the first half of the 2016. 🙂 Thus, today I have taken some 3 of the homework tasks of the SoftUni in the Advanced JavaScript Course, just to

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Book Review – Full Stack JavaScript – Coming soon

A new book for a review from Apress has been received recently – Full Stack JavaScript from Azat Mardan. In the latest few months I am putting some efforts into learning JS, as far as it is somehow more productive and

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Book Review – Pro PHP and jQuery – coming soon

VitoshAcademy.Com has obtained a new book for a review from The book is Pro PHP and jQuery from Jason Lengstorf , Keith Wald. The book will be reviewed within some reasonable time 🙂 I do not recall reviewing PHP book, so

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JavaScript – A function returning a function returning a function

Working with JS may be difficult for a beginner. Or for someone like me, who dares to think of himself as a … let’s call it not a beginner. 🙂 One of the strangest staff there, if you are coming from the

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jQuery – Forms And Automatic Selectors

Although VitoshAcademy is not an  Academy, there should be some educational stuff. Thus, in this article I have decided to put something educational. 🙂 Let’s see how to make a simple selector in jQuery, which updates below some text, based

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jQuery – Who is following who application (in GitHub)

Stalking other people is creepy. Probably. The social media makes its money on this, so it cannot be that bad. Or this is one of the reasons why social medias are bad? Anyhow, today I have decided to come up with an

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Book Review – Dashboards for Excel – Coming soon

VitoshAcademy.Com (a.k.a. me) has just received a new book for a review from The book is Dashboards for Excel from J.Goldmeier and P. Duggirala and I hope to review it until the end of February. Until then, if you

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jQuery, JS – Build a Probability Simulator

Some time ago a king needed money. So he gathered his advisors and told them to think of a new task. One of them offered to tax stupidity. The king asked one question – how. The guy came up with a

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