Month: March 2016

jQuery – Add And Remove to list, Generation of Random Text

In the current article I show how to make a simple adder and remover with jQuery to a list and how to generate a randomizator (not a real one, though!) with jQuery. We have three divs – my_main, my_adder, my_remover and

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jQuery – Change Classes and Select Ids in JS

    Here I will show how to change classes in jQuery and to use classes and ids. The idea of the sample is really simple – we have two divs – one clickable and the other one not. Once

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JavaScript – Make a RegEx Text Tool

Plenty of Regular Expressions tools are available in the net. Most of them are free and quite quick. I have actually never thought that building such a tool can be done rather quickly, as far as the RegEx is part

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JavaScript – Map, Reduce, Filter. Functions in JavaScript

One of the New Years Resolutions, if I had one, would have been to learn JS this year. And as far as I am a VBA developer I automatically assume that I know the basics of it. But still, there

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JavaScript – Make a inheritance function

In JavaScript there are plenty of ways for inheritance. I can think of at least two. 🙂 However, a nice one is if you do everything “by the hand”. Thus, writing a function, that gets the inherited object and makes

Book Review – Dashboards for Excel

One month ago I have announced that I have obtained the book Dashboards for Excel for a review. Now, I have read most of the book (without the parts for Excel 2013 at the end) and I am able to

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jQuery – Make a simple background color picker

jQuery is probably the most popular JavaScript library. There is a reason for it – the community loves it, because it is quite understandable and useful. Today I have decided to come up with a solution of a homework from

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