Month: February 2019

Visual Studio – How to create a custom shortcut

If you want to create a custom shortcut to a command in Visual Studio, these are the steps to be taken: Ribbon>Tools>Options Environment>Keyboard Show commands containing (write the command) Press shortcut keys Assign and OK

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VBA – How to copy a new object in VBA, without copying its reference

Copying an object in VBA to a new object is somehow tough. If you use  Set foo = bar then, both foo and bar would be pointing to the same address in the heap. And if you change the properties of one, you would automatically

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C# – Entity Framework – Using LINQPad for Queries – Just Getting Started

After the previous two articles for C# – Foreign Keys in Entity Framework – Code First – Query with Linq and Entity Framework – Linq vs Extension Methods (Example) it is a good idea to present some actions with LINQPad. LINQPad5 is

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C# – Foreign Keys in Entity Framework – Code First – Query with Linq

In this article, I present an Entity Framework example, building two tables with foreign keys, using code first. The sample I am using is building over the previous article for EF. Pretty much, when you are running your application, if

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Entity Framework – Linq vs Extension Methods (Example)

This article presents a simple example of querying with Linq and Extension Methods in Entity Framework (EF). To set the EF, create a C# Console application. Then add the Package Manager Console from Tools: Then run Install-Package EntityFramework in the Package

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Python – Plotting with Object-Oriented API

Learn how to plot a correlation matrix using pyplot and object-oriented APIs in this article by Srinivasa Rao Poladi, the co-founder of krtrimaIQ a consulting firm that provides cognitive solutions to create tomorrow’s Intelligent Enterprises powered by automation, big data,

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