Month: July 2017

Excel VBA – Search and highlight text

Sometimes we have an excel file, where we want to highlight anything, matching a given cell. Without using the search & highlight option, if possible. Like this: Thus, in this case, whenever something in range A1 is written, the values

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C# – CodeForces – Keyboard Layouts is the web site, which shows problems for competitive programmers. Today I have decided to take a look at the 2. problem of the 2. division of Round 424 –Keyboard Layouts. The problem is pretty simple to explain for

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Excel VBA – Activity Selection Algorithm

Wikipedia says that the activity selection problem is a combinatorial optimization problem concerning the selection of non-conflicting activities to perform within a given time frame, given a set of activities each marked by a start time (si) and finish time (fi). The problem is to select the maximum

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C# – CodeForces – A. Mister B and Book Reading

Codeforces has easy and tough questions. However, the easy are not always easy, but the tough are always tough. Thus, after writing the Excel article here for Sumproduct, I have decided to go a bit easy and start with the

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C# – CodeForces – Okabe And Boxes

CodeForces has people working 24/7, trying to come up with interesting problems for the IT community. Thus, it’s always challenging to take a look at these problems and to try to solve them. The latest problem I have faced was one

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Excel – Use Sumproduct() instead of Sumifs() or Countifs()

Sumifs() and Countifs() are formulas in Excel, that sum or count a range with multiple conditions. Unfortunately, these formulas do not work, when you want to refer to a closed workbook. That’s where the magic of the Sumproduct() formula comes.

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Excel VBA – NetworkDays Formula

In Excel, there are plenty of ways to calculate the differences between days. However, the NetworkDays Formula includes weekends and may include the holidays, which would be different for each country/province. Thus, it is useful! Here is how to use

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News – Book Review – BI Tools for Small Companies – Coming Soon

Business Intelligence is really a thing in the small companies – usually they do not want to invest a lot into software and consultancy, thus a regular controller or a developer can become the company’s champion easily. 🙂 As far

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C# – CodeForces – Okabe and Banana Trees

It does not happen a lot, but this time the 2. problem  of CodeForces really made me rethink my life choices and made me feel a bit sorry that I was in a school where we studied Maths about 4 hours

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C# – CodeForces – Okabe and Future Gadget Laboratory

CodeForces is a nice website for anyone, who likes checking himself vs the top developers worldwide. It’s even separated into divisions, thus, they kindly provide 3 easy questions and 5 hard. Although, I do not know anyone who can call

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