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MS Excel – Just a little about the add-ins and how to get rid of them

In this article I will explain two really useful points: What are add-ins? How to get rid of them? (only in case that we need to) If we ask google, we understand that an addin is a component you can add

MS Excel – Simple Linear Regression

Linear regression is something rather useful for forecasting analysis. If you want to understand more about linear regression, you may go to wikipedia, there you have a wonderful article about it. Long story short, linear regression is an approach, modeling

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SQL – Simple query with MS Access – Best In Class per Class

In this article with MS Access I will show how to create a good MS Access query, which results in best in class results. Let’s imagine, that we have the following data: In this database, we have four columns –

SQL – Access and Wikipedia – quick way to learn the basics

It is quite challenging and quite not interesting to learn SQL if you are a complete beginner – after reading a lot, about installation of servers and programs many people just quit and state that it is not their thing.

MS Excel – Indication of duplicate values

An hour ago I had to look for duplicate values in a spreadsheet. I looked for a minute in google and found plenty of solutions, as you can imagine. One of the best was described here, but it is quite useless,

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