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Ubuntu – Setup jQuery project with node.js and server from scratch

Yup! That is what we are gonna do – Setup jQuery project with node.js and server from scratch in Ubuntu. There are plenty of ways to do it in the internet. Setting up a jQuery project is something, that should be

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JavaScript – Make Custom Functions with Prototype

In the current article, I will show you how to build functions for built-in objects in JavaScript. The way I know is using a prototype. Thus, I will create functions, giving us the last n values of an array or returning a capitalization

Node JS – Manipulation with files and JSON

JSON is somehow powerful. With Node JS and JSON you may build almost anything you can think of (if you have unlimited time and coffee/beer). How about building a small console application with the following options: Yesterday, I started to

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Ubuntu – A few useful terminal commands

In the current article, I will present a few useful commands, for the Linux(Ubuntu) terminal. The article is going to be updated constatly with new entries:) Here they come: General Python Related Java Script and Git related

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Simple Excel – Usage of column names for formulas

In the current article, I show why it is convenient to use the Format as Table option in Excel. Pretty much, it enables a new feature – you may refer to the cells in it not by an address, but with the

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Excel – Usage of Checkmark with formulas and custom formatting

Plenty of times, when I open some someones Excel files I see something as a check column, where you have only “YES” and “No” as values. They check something and if you are used to it, it can be quite

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Java Script -Build a Table – Exam Problems

On 27. July I have participated in an exam organized by the SoftUni  for Java Script. This time, I managed to get 220 points out of 400, which ranked me in 58th place out of 204 participants for the day and

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Java Script -Reveal Triangles – Exam

As I have mentioned in the previous post, I have participated in a Java Script competition from the SoftUni, where I made it to the top 31% of the competition 🙂 (not something to be extremely proud of, but considering

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Java – Exam – Congate Words

Some time ago, to be more honest last Sunday, I participated at some Java exam again. The results were not something to boast, quite on the contrary, but I did not have a lot of time to prepare 🙂 The

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Java – Exam – Couples Frequency

In the last java articles I have solved (or commented) the exam problems, given at the Java exam at the SoftUni. I have started with the easiest tasks (in my opinion) and I have gradually came to the toughest ones.

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Java – Exam – Pythagorean Numbers

In this article, I will comment the original solution for the Pythagorean numbers problem from the SoftUni Java contest. You have the following input – first a number N, telling you how many numbers you would have. Then you simply

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Java – Exam – Longest Odd-Even Sequence – Challenge!

As you probably know, for a long time (about 5 weeks) I started to learn Java from scratch. Today, I have decided to take a look at one of the exam problems at the Software University and I have spent some

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Java – Exam – Three largest Numbers

This trivial task was given at the SoftUni exam for Java. There are not  a lot of problems that I can solve, but this one was definitely one of them 🙂 So, what is the input and what is the output? At

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Java – Exam Problem – Largest 3 Rectangles + Some Eclipse Shortcuts

As you have probably noticed, this is probably my 5th or article, concerning Java Exam problems from the SoftUni. Today, I will take a deeper look into a problem, which is supposed to calculate the best sum of triangles. The

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Java – Exam Problem – Beers Count

After a week or so, I have started to master Java, as a part of the courses at the SoftUni. Today, I tried to resolve one of the problems, given about 3 weeks ago at the exam – CountBeers. The

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Java – Exam Problem – Simple Expression

Last Sunday I was taking part in Basic Java Exam at the SoftUni. I managed to get 130 points (out of 400) and thus to be somewhere in top 50% of the participants. I had 100 points at this problem,

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Java – Exam Problem – Video Length

As I have already mentioned in this article, I have had a small fiasco at the Java Exam of the SoftUni. Anyway, I managed to pass the exam, so actually if I manage to graduate in my certificate Java would

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Java – Exam – Sum of Cards

Today, I was participating in my first Java Exam at the Software University! It was definitely NOT a success, as far as I had huge problems installing Eclipse and I was actually not able to run it properly before entering

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Java – Making a snake

As you probably know, I am an online student at the Software University in Bulgaria, Sofia. This week, we had to submit a simple game in Java, developed by me and 4 other online students as a team. After some

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Java Script – Picking up coordinates of point in Google Maps

Three weeks ago I have started to read an outstanding book for the Google API. So far I have finished it and this is the third review of code I have done, based on the book. The previous two concern

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Java Script – Synchronization of three maps

Three weeks ago I have started to read an outstanding book for the Google API. Currently, I have read about 70% of it and I have found plenty of useful code to present. Here is the book:   In the current

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Java Script – Animation of a line in Google Maps

Some time ago I have started to read an outstanding book for the Google API. Currently, I have read only 40% of it, but still there are some really interesting pieces of code, which I want to present in my

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Excel Data Analysis Tool – Descriptive Statistics – Simple Explanation

After writing some articles for linear regression here and here, I have decided to get a little deeper into the Excel Data Analysis Tool. Pretty much, what it does is providing a lot of statistical information for a set of data.

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MS Excel – Linear Regression (2)

Some time ago I wrote an article explaining linear regression. If you have no understanding about the method, I recommend that you read it. Now I am going to build upon this article, using the same example as from it and

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XML with CSS – Presentation of a simple page

After writing some articles about XAML, I have decided to go a little deeper in XML. Actually going deeper into XML is quite a challenge, due to the fact that XML is considered a meta-language and thus it is quite

VBA – Excel Loan Payment Calculator

You know, a lot of people nowadays should simply take loans. There are plenty of load calculators available online, but it is always better whey one can calculate this thing by himself. Or with Excel, which is pretty much the

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Shortcuts (Visual Studio, VBA, Excel)

Visual Studio  F5 Run F10 Step Over. Does not step into the current method and goes to the next statement. F11 Step Into. Standard Step-by-step slow debugging. Ctrl + F5 Runs the project without debugging Shift + F11 Step Out.

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Excel – Array Formula for Count of Unique Values

The following formula shows something I did not know for a long time – it counts unique values just like that! Before knowing the existence of this formula, people (including me) had to do a lot of workaround simply to

PHP – Expenses Sorter – Code Available

With the current application you may do the following – enter an expense and select what kind of expense it is. I have predefined some of the expenses, but you may add your own later. What the PHP application actually

PHP – Check whether cookies are cleared – Code explained

This site checks whether you have deleted your cookies. In order to check whether you have deleted successfully your cookies do the following: 1. Delete your cookies. 2. Refresh this website. If your cookies were deleted, the site will tell